Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth is likely the easiest and fastest method to cosmetically improve your smile.  Teeth whitening can effectively alleviate the staining caused by tobacco use, strong foods and drinks, yellowing teeth caused by aging, and graying teeth from hereditary genetics or some medications.

My practice offers the two primarily proven methods for effectively whitening your teeth:

At-home Whitening

The vast majority of the cosmetic dentistry cases I complete begin with At-home Whitening.  This method provides the most complete, longest lasting, and affordable way to whiten your teeth.  Impressions are taken of both your upper and lower teeth which allow us to fabricate custom whitening trays to deliver the whitening gel evenly to your teeth.  A far superior method to generic whitening strips.  It can take as little as a few days at 1 hour per application to whiten your teeth to your satisfaction.

I like this method because it’s economical, under your control, and provides trays that can be reused for many more years as you touch-up the whitening in the future.

In-office Whitening

Often referred to as “Laser Whitening” or “Power Bleaching”, the In-office Whitening procedure uses a specialized whitening gel that is activated by the energy of my high-powered curing light.  This method provides a rapid whitening experience but it tends to fade much more quickly than the custom tray At-home Whitening procedure.  Unfortunately, the In-office Whitening procedure is about double the cost of At-home Whitening due to the gel costs and the amount of chair time required.

In-office Whitening is an excellent option if you’re calling my office on Friday because you’re getting married on Saturday and are desperate for white teeth in your wedding photos.  If you have any more time I believe At-home Whitening will provide a better value.