Know More About Your Smile


I created my practice’s website to be a specific resource on the dental services provided by my office for new and existing patients.  Through my commitment to improving the oral healthcare knowledge of all our dental patients, I’m providing a selection of valuable links to other websites you might find interesting and informative.

General Dentistry Websites

These links provide good quality information for patients on all aspects of dentistry.

Academy of General Dentistry (

American Dental Association (

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (

Pankey Institute (

Colorado Prosthodontic Society (

Colorado Dental Association (

Metropolitan Denver Dental Society (

Patient Financing Websites

These links provide financial options to assist in receiving the best dental care.

Citi Health Card (www.citibank/com/us/cards/cardserv/healthcard)

Springstone Patient Financing (

Oral Health Care & Products

These links provide helpful information on oral health and home care products you ca use to maintain optimum oral health.

Sonicare Toothbrushes (

Crest ProHealth (

Colgate Total (

Listerine Total Care (

Biotene & Oral Balance (

Interesting Dental Websites

National Museum of Dentistry ( (

5280 Magazine (