Comprehensive Oral Evaluation

Whether you require simple ongoing preventive dental care or desire more complex reconstruction or aesthetic dentistry, your results are dependent upon a proper and complete diagnosis.  A proper diagnosis is not possible without a thorough and comprehensive examination.

Unlike the majority of your healthcare experiences where you see the dentist or physician for mere minutes, I dedicate at least 1 hour of my time to thoroughly understanding your oral health status.  During that time we will complete a pre-diagnostic conversation where you can begin by sharing your concerns regarding your dental health.  Together, we will then complete a comprehensive medical and dental history, full mouth charting of existing dentistry and any new concerns, a gum tissue health assessment, necessary radiographic(x-ray) survey, full intraoral/extraoral head and neck examination including an oral cancer screening, occlusion(bite) analysis, and a functional assessment of your Temporomandibular Joints(jaw joints).

After developing a proper diagnosis based upon what is likely to have been the best dental examination you have ever had, I will formulate a comprehensive long-term treatment plan that uses preventive, restorative, and aesthetic dentistry to achieve your optimal dental health over your lifetime.