Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are the traditional “silver fillings” effectively used in dentistry for over a century. These fillings are typically used to restore back teeth affected by decay, fracture, or wear in areas of the mouth with little or no visibility. Dental amalgam is a more economical restorative material, however, due to the aesthetic desires of most patients only about 10% of the restorations my practice places are silver fillings. Amalgam has always proven to be an excellent restorative material and can out perform other materials in certain locations or conditions.

Indication for amalgam fillings:

  • Decay in teeth
  • Restore some fractures in teeth
  • Repairing perforated metal crowns
  • Restoration in an uncontrollable wet environment

Amalgam fillings are but one choice for restoring your teeth.  All dental materials have certain advantages and disadvantages but no dental material is capable of lasting forever. As your dentist, I will always advise you on the best material choices for any given situation based upon your needs, dental research, and my experience. Of course excellent oral hygiene practices, good dietary habits, and regular dental visits to my practice will aid in the life of any restoration.